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Albums Per Tour (not including Compliations and Live)

1.Bridge Benefits45
2.Farm Aid shows37
3.Special Events42
4.1968-1969 Solo Shows7
5.1969 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Tour8
6.1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Tour4
7.1970 Tour with Crazy Horse9
8.1970 US Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Tour6
9.1970 US Solo Tour10
10.1971 Journey Through The Past Solo Tour10
11.1973 Time Fades Away Tour with The Stray Gators7
12.1973 Tonight's The Night Club Tour with The Santa Monica Flyers3
13.1973 Tonight's The Night Tour with The Santa Monica Flyers10
14.1974 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Reunion Tour14
15.1975 Rolling Zuma Revue with Crazy Horse5
16.1976 Tour Of Japan and Europe with Crazy Horse14
17.1976 Stills-Young Band Tour12
18.1976 Bar Tour with Crazy Horse4
19.1976 US Tour with Crazy Horse16
20.1977 Club Shows with the Ducks10
21.1978 One Stop World Tour9
22.1978 Rust Never Sleeps Tour with Crazy Horse11
23.1982 Northern California Club Tour with The Trans Band11
24.1982 Trans Band Tour Of Europe12
25.1983 Solo Trans Tour18
26.1983 Shocking Pinks Tour17
27.1984 California Club Tour with Crazy Horse7
28.1984 Club Tour with The International Harvesters10
29.1984 Tour of USA and Canada with The International Harvesters15
30.1985 Australia and New Zealand with The International Harvesters and Crazy Horse16
31.1985 Tour of North America with The International Harvesters12
32.1986 Live In A Rusted Out Garage with Crazy Horse13
33.1987 European Tour with Crazy Horse16
34.1987 Life Tour with Crazy Horse20
35.1987 Club Tour with The Bluenotes1
36.1988 US Club Tour with The Bluenotes1
37.1988 Sponsored By Nobody Tour with The Bluenotes8
38.1988 Fall Tour with Ten Men Workin'10
39.1989 US Mini Tour with The Restless18
40.1989 Australian Tour with The Lost Dogs16
41.1989 Tour Of Japan with The Lost Dogs18
42.1989 A Solo Acoustic Evening - US Tour with Ben Keith and Frank Sampedro14
43.1989 European Tour with Ben Keith and Frank Sampedro13
44.1991 Smell The Horse Tour with Crazy Horse9
45.1992 First Solo Tour17
46.1992 Second Solo Tour19
47.1992 Third Solo Tour18
48.1992 Fourth Solo Tour18
49.1993 Warm Up Shows with Booker T and The MGs13
50.1993 European Tour with Booker T and The MGs16
51.1993 US Tour with Booker T and The MGs16
52.1995 European Tour with Pearl Jam13
53.1996 Northern California Club Tour with The Echos14
54.1996 Broken Arrow European Tour with Crazy Horse15
55.1996 Broken Arrow North American Tour with Crazy Horse17
56.1996 Broken Arrow Canadian Tour with Crazy Horse19
57.1997 Hippie Dream Warmup Tour with Crazy Horse13
58.1997 HORDE Tour with Crazy Horse23
59.1999 An Evening with Neil Young Solo Tour - West Coast20
60.1999 An Evening with Neil Young Solo Tour - East Coast20
61.1999 An Evening with Neil Young Solo Tour - Third Leg21
62.2000 CSNY2K North American Tour9
63.2000 Music In Head Tour12
64.2001 Warmup Shows with Crazy Horse9
65.2001 South American Mini Tour with Crazy Horse9
66.2001 Eurotour '0116
67.2002 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 2002 Tour Of America9
68.2002 MGs Warmup Shows11
69.2002 Tour of Europe12
70.2003 European Solo and Acoustic Tour18
71.2003 Greendale Tour with Crazy Horse14
72.2003 Greendale Tour of The Far East and Australia13
73.2004 Winter Greendale Tour with Crazy Horse11
74.2004 Vote For Change Tour5
75.2006 Freedom Of Speech '06 Tour5
76.2007 Chrome Dreams Continental Tour15
77.2008 Chrome Dreams Continental Tour - Europe20
78.2008 Continental Tour - Europe - Summer18
79.2008 Continental Tour - US and Canada13
80.2009 Continental Tour - Australia and New Zealand15
81.2009 Continental Tour - Canada and US19
82.2009 Continental Tour - Europe19
83.2010 Twisted Road Tour - 1st Leg8
84.2010 Twisted Road Tour - 2nd Leg8
85.2010 Twisted Road Tour - 3rd Leg8
86.2011 Twisted Road Tour - 4th Leg7
87.2011 Buffalo Springfield Reunion Tour5
88.2012 Alchemy Tour with Crazy Horse14
89.2013 Alchemy Tour with Crazy Horse - Australia & New Zealand14
90.2013 Alchemy Tour with Crazy Horse - Europe16
91.2014 Solo Tour20
92.2014 Honour The Treaties Tour17
93.2014 World Tour with Crazy Horse19
94.2015 Rebel Content Tour24
95.2016 Rebel Content Tour30