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Days Since Last Played

1.The 1956 Bubblegum Disaster1969-02-0917,788 days
2.Whiskey Boot Hill1969-02-0917,788 days
3.Sea Of Madness1969-09-2017,565 days
4.I've Loved Her So Long1969-11-2817,496 days
5.Everybody I Love You1970-05-1217,331 days
9.There's A World1971-02-2317,044 days
10.Borrowed Tune1973-01-1916,348 days
11.Come Along And Say You Will1973-01-1916,348 days
12.Soldier1973-01-2316,344 days
13.Sweet Joni1973-03-1316,295 days
14.The Bridge1973-04-0116,276 days
15.Last Dance1973-04-0316,274 days
16.Lookout Joe1973-04-0316,274 days
17.Yonder Stands The Sinner1973-04-0316,274 days
18.Tired Eyes1973-11-2016,043 days
19.Motion Pictures1974-05-1615,866 days
20.Goodbye Dick1974-08-1415,776 days
21.Pardon My Heart1974-08-1515,775 days
22.The Old Homestead1974-08-2915,761 days
23.Pushed It Over The End1974-09-1415,745 days
24.Star Of Bethlehem1974-09-1415,745 days
25.Traces1974-09-1415,745 days
27.Let It Shine1976-07-0715,083 days
28.Evening Coconut1976-07-0915,081 days
29.Ocean Girl1976-07-1415,076 days
30.New Mama1977-08-1214,682 days
31.Windward Passage1977-08-2214,672 days
32.Cryin' Eyes1977-09-0214,661 days
33.Little Wing1977-09-0214,661 days
34.Ride My Llama1978-05-2814,393 days
35.Shots1978-05-2814,393 days
36.Bright Sunny Day1978-09-1914,279 days
37.Comin' Apart At Every Nail1980-10-0313,534 days
38.Stayin' Power1980-10-0313,534 days
39.Turbine1980-10-0313,534 days
40.Union Man1980-10-0313,534 days
41.Love Hotel1982-09-2412,813 days
42.A Little Thing Called Love1982-10-1912,788 days
43.Berlin1982-10-1912,788 days
45.Coastline1983-01-1112,704 days
46.My Boy1983-02-1012,674 days
47.Cry, Cry, Cry1983-07-0412,530 days
48.Kinda Fonda Wanda1983-08-2912,474 days
49.Everybody's Rockin'1983-10-0112,441 days
50.Get Gone1983-10-0112,441 days
51.Jellyroll Man1983-10-0112,441 days
52.Old Ways1983-10-0112,441 days
53.Payola Blues1983-10-0112,441 days
54.I Got A Problem1984-02-0712,312 days
55.So Tired1984-02-0712,312 days
56.Hillbilly Band1985-03-1111,914 days
57.Midnight On The Bay1985-03-1111,914 days
58.Amber Jean1985-03-1811,907 days
59.Let Your Fingers Do The Walking1985-03-2011,905 days
60.Misfits1985-03-2211,903 days
61.Motor City1985-03-2211,903 days
62.Hawks And Doves1985-07-0411,799 days
63.Once An Angel1985-08-1411,758 days
64.Bound For Glory1985-08-2411,748 days
65.California Sunset1985-09-2111,720 days
66.Grey Riders1985-09-2111,720 days
67.Interstate1985-09-2111,720 days
68.If You Got Love1986-08-2811,379 days
69.Bad News Beat1986-09-2711,349 days
70.Rock, Rock, Rock1986-10-0311,343 days
71.Touch The Night1986-10-2311,323 days
72.We Never Danced1986-10-2911,317 days
73.Road Of Plenty1986-11-0911,306 days
74.Around The World1986-11-2111,294 days
75.Violent Side1986-11-2111,294 days
76.Inca Queen1987-05-0411,130 days
77.Computer Age1987-05-0511,129 days
78.Too Lonely1987-09-0111,010 days
79.Walking After Midnight1988-04-1910,779 days
80.Don't Take Your Love Away From Me1988-04-2310,775 days
81.Sixty To Zero1988-08-1910,657 days
82.One Thing1988-08-3010,646 days
83.Sunny Inside1988-09-0310,642 days
84.Your Love Is Good To Me1988-09-0310,642 days
85.Welcome To The Big Room1988-09-0710,638 days
86.I'm Goin'1988-10-2810,587 days
87.Twilight1988-10-2810,587 days
88.Find Another Shoulder1988-10-2910,586 days
89.Bad News Comes To Town1988-10-3010,585 days
90.Coupe De Ville1988-10-3010,585 days
91.Crime Of The Heart1988-10-3010,585 days
92.Hello Lonely Woman1988-10-3010,585 days
93.Hey Hey1988-10-3010,585 days
94.Life In The City1988-10-3010,585 days
95.Married Man1988-10-3010,585 days
96.Soul Of A Woman1988-10-3010,585 days
97.Ten Men Workin'1988-10-3010,585 days
98.American Dream1988-12-0410,550 days
99.Lady Wingshot1989-02-1810,474 days
100.Ordinary People1989-04-1810,415 days
101.Boxcar1989-04-2210,411 days
102.Don't Cry1989-04-2210,411 days
103.Heavy Love1989-04-2210,411 days
104.Long Walk Home1989-04-3010,403 days
105.Nothing Is Perfect1989-06-0610,366 days
106.Got It Made1989-10-2810,222 days
107.Hangin' On A Limb1989-12-1010,179 days
108.Cocaine Eyes1989-12-1310,176 days
109.No More1989-12-1310,176 days
110.Ain't It The Truth1990-03-1710,082 days
111.Eldorado1990-04-0110,067 days
112.This Old House1990-04-0710,061 days
113.T-Bone1990-11-139,841 days
114.Depression Blues1992-02-179,380 days
116.Such A Woman1992-11-229,101 days
117.Sample And Hold1993-02-079,024 days
118.Live To Ride1993-09-198,800 days
119.Transformer Man1994-10-018,423 days
120.Driveby1994-10-228,402 days
121.Prime Of Life1994-10-228,402 days
122.Train Of Love1994-10-228,402 days
123.My Heart1995-01-148,318 days
124.Peace And Love1995-08-148,106 days
125.Big Green Country1995-08-278,093 days
126.Scenery1995-08-278,093 days
127.Song X1995-08-278,093 days
128.Wonderin'1996-03-217,886 days
129.When Your Lonely Heart Breaks1996-06-067,809 days
130.Loose Change1996-08-297,725 days
131.Changing Highways1996-09-167,707 days
132.Natural Beauty1996-10-317,662 days
133.Music Arcade1996-11-107,652 days
134.Scattered1996-11-107,652 days
135.Stupid Girl1996-11-107,652 days
136.This Town1996-11-107,652 days
137.Downtown1997-05-197,462 days
138.Hard Luck Stories1997-05-197,462 days
139.Truth Be Known1997-05-197,462 days
140.Everybody's Alone1997-07-157,405 days
141.Don't Spook The Horse1997-07-177,403 days
142.I'm The Ocean1997-07-187,402 days
143.Modern World1997-07-237,397 days
144.Homefires1997-07-297,391 days
145.Give Me Strength1997-08-017,388 days
146.Slip Away1997-08-127,377 days
147.This Note's For You1997-10-197,309 days
148.Without Rings1997-10-197,309 days
150.Dreamin' Man1999-05-296,722 days
151.The Great Divide1999-05-296,722 days
152.Distant Camera1999-06-026,718 days
153.The Last Trip To Tulsa1999-06-026,718 days
154.Southern Pacific1999-10-306,568 days
155.Good To See You1999-10-316,567 days
156.Out Of Control2000-04-176,398 days
157.Looking Forward2000-04-196,396 days
158.Fool For Your Love2000-09-306,232 days
159.Buffalo Springfield Again2000-10-016,231 days
160.Motorcycle Mama2000-10-016,231 days
161.Slowpoke2000-10-286,204 days
162.Bite The Bullet2001-01-106,130 days
163.Big Time2001-01-116,129 days
164.Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown2001-07-245,935 days
165.Gateway Of Love2001-07-285,931 days
166.When I Hold You In My Arms2001-09-295,868 days
167.Mideast Vacation2001-10-215,846 days
168.You're My Girl2002-05-105,645 days
169.Are You Passionate?2002-05-215,634 days
170.Differently2002-05-215,634 days
171.Let's Roll2002-05-215,634 days
172.Quit (Don't Say You Love Me)2002-05-215,634 days
173.She's A Healer2002-05-215,634 days
174.Sleeps With Angels2002-05-215,634 days
175.Two Old Friends2002-05-215,634 days
176.On The Beach2003-04-295,291 days
177.Look Out For My Love2003-05-045,286 days
178.Horseshoe Man2003-05-195,271 days
179.Expecting To Fly2003-05-245,266 days
180.Lotta Love2003-09-285,139 days
181.Crime In The City2003-11-105,096 days
182.The Losing End2004-02-234,991 days
183.The Old Country Waltz2004-03-174,968 days
184.Drive Back2004-03-204,965 days
185.Bandit2004-03-214,964 days
186.Bringin' Down Dinner2004-03-214,964 days
187.Carmichael2004-03-214,964 days
188.Devil's Sidewalk2004-03-214,964 days
189.Falling From Above2004-03-214,964 days
190.Grandpa's Interview2004-03-214,964 days
191.Leave The Driving2004-03-214,964 days
192.Sun Green2004-03-214,964 days
193.Act Of Love2004-10-024,769 days
194.Falling Off The Face Of The Earth2005-08-194,448 days
195.Here For You2005-08-194,448 days
196.The Old Laughing Lady2005-08-194,448 days
197.Prairie Wind2005-08-204,447 days
198.See The Sky About To Rain2005-08-204,447 days
199.Far From Home2005-11-014,374 days
200.The Painter2005-11-024,373 days
201.This Old Guitar2005-11-034,372 days
202.No Wonder2005-11-044,371 days
203.He Was The King2005-12-174,328 days
204.It's A Dream2005-12-174,328 days
205.Lookin' For A Leader2006-07-064,127 days
206.Families2006-09-104,061 days
207.Let's Impeach The President2006-09-104,061 days
208.Roger And Out2006-09-104,061 days
209.Shock And Awe2006-09-104,061 days
210.The Restless Consumer2006-09-104,061 days
211.Flags Of Freedom2006-10-214,020 days
212.Country Girl2006-10-224,019 days
213.Silver & Gold2007-09-093,697 days
214.Beautiful Bluebird2007-10-273,649 days
215.Last Of His Kind2007-10-283,648 days
216.The Way2007-10-283,648 days
217.Campaigner2008-02-203,533 days
218.Stringman2008-03-113,513 days
219.Try2008-03-113,513 days
220.No One Seems To Know2008-03-143,510 days
221.The Believer2008-03-143,510 days
222.Kansas2008-03-153,509 days
223.Love Art Blues2008-03-153,509 days
224.Mexico2008-03-153,509 days
225.Sad Movies2008-03-153,509 days
226.Dirty Old Man2008-07-093,393 days
227.For The Turnstiles2008-07-113,391 days
228.No Hidden Path2008-08-133,358 days
229.Too Far Gone2008-08-133,358 days
230.Wrecking Ball2008-08-153,356 days
231.The Sultan2008-10-213,289 days
232.When God Made Me2008-10-263,284 days
233.Cough Up The Bucks2008-12-163,233 days
234.Get Around2008-12-163,233 days
235.Off The Road2008-12-163,233 days
236.Sea Change2009-01-283,190 days
237.The Ways Of Love2009-04-103,118 days
238.World On A String2009-04-103,118 days
239.Johnny Magic2009-04-133,115 days
240.Albuquerque2009-04-273,101 days
241.When Worlds Collide2009-04-273,101 days
242.Feel Your Love2009-04-303,098 days
243.Fuel Line2009-04-303,098 days
244.Hit The Road2009-04-303,098 days
245.Get Back To The Country2009-06-033,064 days
246.Just Singing A Song2009-06-033,064 days
247.Speakin' Out2009-06-093,058 days
248.Lost In Space2009-06-213,046 days
249.Get Behind The Wheel2009-06-273,040 days
250.Spirit Road2009-06-273,040 days
251.Light A Candle2009-09-122,963 days
252.Already One2009-10-242,921 days
253.Old King2009-10-242,921 days
254.Daddy Went Walkin'2009-10-252,920 days
255.Hitchhiker2011-05-112,357 days
256.I Believe In You2011-05-112,357 days
257.Leia2011-05-112,357 days
258.Rumblin'2011-05-112,357 days
259.Sign Of Love2011-05-112,357 days
260.Tell Me Why2011-05-112,357 days
261.Walk With Me2011-05-112,357 days
262.You Never Call2011-05-112,357 days
263.Broken Arrow2011-06-112,326 days
264.Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It?2011-06-112,326 days
265.Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing2011-06-112,326 days
266.Love And War2011-08-132,263 days
267.Peaceful Valley Boulevard2011-08-132,263 days
268.Dance Dance Dance2011-10-232,192 days
269.For The Love Of Man2012-08-091,901 days
270.Jesus' Chariot2012-08-091,901 days
271.Over And Over2012-08-091,901 days
272.Don't Let It Bring You Down2012-10-211,828 days
273.Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll2013-03-151,683 days
274.Opera Star2013-03-191,679 days
275.Born In Ontario2013-03-211,677 days
276.Dangerbird2013-03-211,677 days
277.Twisted Road2013-03-211,677 days
278.Sail Away2013-04-181,649 days
279.Hole In The Sky2013-08-071,538 days
280.Ramada Inn2013-08-071,538 days
281.Sedan Delivery2013-08-071,538 days
282.Surfer Joe And Moe The Sleaze2013-08-071,538 days
283.Walk Like A Giant2013-08-071,538 days
284.Doghouse2013-09-111,503 days
285.I Want to Drive My Car2013-09-111,503 days
286.Singer Without A Song2013-10-301,454 days
287.War Of Man2013-10-301,454 days
288.Birds2014-01-091,383 days
289.Out Of My Mind2014-01-101,382 days
290.Journey Through The Past2014-01-121,380 days
291.Philadelphia2014-04-221,280 days
292.Red Sun2014-07-101,201 days
293.Don't Cry No Tears2014-07-131,198 days
294.Separate Ways2014-07-151,196 days
295.Goin' Home2014-07-231,188 days
296.Barstool Blues2014-08-071,173 days
297.Psychedelic Pill2014-08-071,173 days
298.Be The Rain2014-08-081,172 days
299.Days That Used To Be2014-08-081,172 days
300.Living With War2014-08-081,172 days
301.Name Of Love2014-08-081,172 days
302.Standing In The Light Of Love2014-09-131,136 days
303.Love In Mind2014-10-051,114 days
304.You And Me2014-10-051,114 days
305.A Man Needs A Maid2014-10-091,110 days
306.Harvest2014-10-091,110 days
307.Mellow My Mind2014-10-091,110 days
308.Plastic Flowers2014-10-091,110 days
309.When I Watch You Sleeping2014-10-091,110 days
310.I'm Glad I Found You2014-10-251,094 days
311.On The Way Home2014-10-261,093 days
312.Throw Your Hatred Down2014-10-261,093 days
313.Goin' Back2015-05-23884 days
314.Double E2015-07-08838 days
315.White Line2015-07-08838 days
316.Hippie Dream2015-07-11835 days
317.Flying On The Ground Is Wrong2015-07-16830 days
318.If I Don't Know2015-07-22824 days
319.Lookin' For A Love2015-07-22824 days
320.A New Day For Love2015-07-24822 days
321.Field Of Opportunity2015-10-07747 days
322.Time Fades Away2015-10-13741 days
323.Burned2015-10-14740 days
324.L.A.2015-10-14740 days
325.A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop2015-10-17737 days
326.My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)2015-10-17737 days
327.Rules Of Change2015-10-17737 days
328.Southern Man2015-10-24730 days
329.Big Box2015-10-25729 days
330.Who's Gonna Stand Up?2015-10-25729 days
331.Workin' Man2015-10-25729 days
332.Ambulance Blues2016-01-25637 days
333.Cripple Creek Ferry2016-01-25637 days
334.Till The Morning Comes2016-01-25637 days
335.One Of These Days2016-04-28543 days
336.Pocahontas2016-04-28543 days
337.Thrasher2016-05-21520 days
338.Love Is A Rose2016-06-08502 days
339.Ohio2016-06-08502 days
340.Tonight's The Night2016-06-24486 days
341.Here We Are In The Years2016-07-13467 days
342.After The Garden2016-07-18462 days
343.Homegrown2016-07-18462 days
344.Change Your Mind2016-07-20460 days
345.Hawaiian Sunrise2016-07-20460 days
346.Razor Love2016-07-20460 days
347.Saddle Up The Palomino2016-07-20460 days
348.Are You Ready For The Country?2016-07-21459 days
349.Country Home2016-07-21459 days
350.Monsanto Years2016-07-21459 days
351.People Want To Hear About Love2016-07-21459 days
352.Wolf Moon2016-07-21459 days
353.Love To Burn2016-07-23457 days
354.The Needle And The Damage Done2016-07-23457 days
355.Tumbleweed2016-07-23457 days
356.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere2016-09-30388 days
357.Sugar Mountain2016-10-01387 days
358.Mansion On The Hill2016-10-06382 days
359.Unknown Legend2016-10-06382 days
360.Down By The River2016-10-08380 days
361.Welfare Mothers2016-10-08380 days
362.From Hank To Hendrix2016-10-12376 days
363.Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)2016-10-12376 days
364.I Am A Child2016-10-12376 days
365.I've Been Waiting For You2016-10-12376 days
366.Like An Inca2016-10-12376 days
367.Peace Of Mind2016-10-12376 days
368.Roll Another Number2016-10-12376 days
369.The Loner2016-10-12376 days
370.Walk On2016-10-12376 days
371.When You Dance I Can Really Love2016-10-12376 days
372.Bad Fog Of Loneliness2016-10-13375 days
373.Glass Accident2016-10-13375 days
374.Hold Back The Tears2016-10-13375 days
375.If I Could Have Her Tonight2016-10-13375 days
376.Love And Only Love2016-10-13375 days
377.Revolution Blues2016-10-13375 days
378.Someday2016-10-13375 days
379.Vampire Blues2016-10-13375 days
380.Winterlong2016-10-13375 days
381.After The Gold Rush2016-10-15373 days
382.Alabama2016-10-15373 days
383.Cowgirl In The Sand2016-10-15373 days
384.Harvest Moon2016-10-15373 days
385.Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)2016-10-15373 days
386.Old Man2016-10-15373 days
387.Powderfinger2016-10-15373 days
388.Seed Justice2016-10-15373 days
389.Words2016-10-15373 days
390.Helpless2016-10-22366 days
391.Only Love Can Break Your Heart2016-10-22366 days
392.Out On The Weekend2016-10-22366 days
393.Show Me2016-10-22366 days
394.Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders2016-10-22366 days
395.Are There Any More Real Cowboys?2016-10-23365 days
396.Don't Be Denied2016-10-23365 days
397.Indian Givers2016-10-23365 days
398.John Oaks2016-10-23365 days
399.Long May You Run2016-10-23365 days
400.Mr. Soul2016-10-23365 days
401.Peace Trail2016-10-23365 days
402.Piece Of Crap2016-10-23365 days
403.Texas Rangers2016-10-23365 days
404.Western Hero2016-10-23365 days
405.Cinnamon Girl2017-09-1637 days
406.Comes A Time2017-09-1637 days
407.Cortez The Killer2017-09-1637 days
408.F*!#in' Up2017-09-1637 days
409.Heart Of Gold2017-09-1637 days
410.Human Highway2017-09-1637 days
411.Like A Hurricane2017-09-1637 days
412.Rockin' In The Free World2017-09-1637 days